At the moment our automatic payment gateways are under construction. If you want to buy VIP Status or advertising space in our website
send us an email with all the required information, such as:

- Type of advertisement (VIP or Banner)
- Server's name
- Opening Date
- Desired days

email us or speak with a representive directly on Skype.

Purchase Ad space or VIP

1. Banner advertising:

Available extensions: gif, png, jpg.

1.1 Banner dimensions: 240х400 (Sidebar banner placement)
15 days - 60€
30 days - 110€ for Sidebar banner.

1.2 Banner dimensions: 1920x600 (Background banner placement)
15 days - 120€
30 days - 230€

2. VIP Listing

Your announcement will be posted in the VIP section.
2.1. VIP / VIP on OBT:
15 Days - 60€
30 Days - 110€

If you want to take a VIP for a server that will merge with another server, then this must be complied with:
- no earlier than 30 days after the opening of the server, which merges with the main server (for rates from x1 to x10)
- no earlier than 14 days after the opening of the server, which merges with the main server (for rates from x11 to x999);
- no earlier than 7 days after the opening of the server, which merges with the main server (for rates from x1000 and up).
Merging can be done ONLY once in 30 days. On the main page of your website should be all the information about this.

3. VIP Listing with DISCOUNT:

The list of conditions in order to buy an VIP with DISCOUNT status:
3.1. Add our button to your website (do NOT change the code).
3.2. Remove all buttons of other announcements, ratings and similar sites (they should not be anywhere on the site - Voting sites excluded).
3.3. Make sure that you have the official project start date, chronicles and rates on your site.
15 Days - 50€
30 Days - 100€

List of violations for which we will transfer your server from DISCOUNTED VIP to servers with gray small print without VIP status:
а) If you remove our button or change it's code.
б) If you add buttons for other announcements, ratings and other similar sites (Voting sites excluded).
в) If you make a redirect.

We also would like to inform you that the Opening Date of the server can be changed only before the opening. If you would like to change the opening date after the opening (for example because of ddos), you need to update your website's main page with the transfer of the starting date and then write to us (no later than the end of the opening day) with a request to change the start date in our site. Information about the transfer of the start date should be posted on the site while the VIP service is in effect. If this information disappears after changing the start date to a new one, we will change the start date to the original one. Opening date can be transferred only once.

!!!We recommend placing the VIP so that the mid-term advertising is on the day of launch. This way you will get maximum traffic from our website.