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Date Added: 2021-02-20 02:33:45 Language: English
Website: Platform: L2j
Status: Live
Server rates
EXP: 1000 SP: 1000 DROP: 100
ADENA: 1000 Safe enchant: 10 Max enchant: 25
Good to know
GM shop: Yes NPC buffer: Yes Global GK: Yes
Custom zone: Yes Custom weapon: Yes Custom armor: Yes
Offline shop: Yes Other: Yes
Server Description

The opening of the x1000 is an annoying farm server, while preserving the interesting aspect of L2. Low prices for equipment, Special Farm zones, New Raid Boses, Costumes and Skins for weapons, as well as many more interesting things that await you at the upcoming opening. As before - Epic jewelry is free, just for being in the game. All this is so loved by the players of the latest discoveries! The server on which you will definitely enjoy spending time. And yet, we are practically the only ones whose servers are not closed in a month or a year, all your work will remain with you almost forever.

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