Good To Know:

wyB L2

Date Added: 2021-08-25 01:47:30 Language: English
Website: Platform: L2j
Status: Live
Server rates
EXP: 3 SP: 3 DROP: 3
ADENA: 3 Safe enchant: 4 Max enchant: 20
Good to know
GM shop: Yes NPC buffer: Yes Global GK: Yes
Custom zone: No Custom weapon: No Custom armor: No
Offline shop: Yes Other: Yes
Server Description

Community Board System , whats in it : Events (10 events) for more fun ingame Teleports to all towns Shop - where you can buy everything what you need Raid Bosses - shows if they are alive, where they are, all info about them and Epic Bosses Drop Info - if your not finding item or monster you can search here Buffer - Buffer for you, you can even create a custom buffer Services - where you can find eveything from warehouse, blacksmith, symbols, subclasses and so on Help - all voice commands witch can be typed in chat like .online witch shows how much players are online Statistics - Shows all tops, like pk, pvp, online and so on Server Info - All info about server. Vip Level System Rebirth Service Multiproffesion System Auto Farm System

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