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Date Added: 2022-02-22 16:25:30 Language: English
Website: Platform: L2j
Status: Live
Server rates
EXP: 100 SP: 100 DROP: 1
ADENA: 1 Safe enchant: 3 Max enchant: 16
Good to know
GM shop: Yes NPC buffer: Yes Global GK: Yes
Custom zone: No Custom weapon: No Custom armor: No
Offline shop: No Other: No
Server Description

L2 Alchemy PvP Server Grand Opening: March 05 - 18:00GMT-3 Site: Discord: Youtube: General Info XP, SP: 100x Adena: 1x Autoloot ON (except from Boses) Autoleran Skill lvl 80 (FS need to be bought/dropped) Buffs 2h Free | 4h Premium Buff Slot: 30+4 Buffs | 14 Songs/Dance Itens: Dynasty Free (Start) Moirai Farm easy (Lv1) Vesper / Vesper Noble olympiad (Lv2) Vorpal Hard farm (Lv3 Top Item) Enchant: Enchant Max Weapon +16 Enchant Max Armor +12 Enchant hard rates decreasing Scrolls obtained at boss / grandboss / events / instances Some Features: Auto Farm System Daily Missions Daily Rewards Discord Integration -> - Boss Death Notify at ´Boses´ discord channel - Login Notify via PM in discord - Death Notify when autofarming (Only for Premium) - Special chat ingame for Premium sync with Discord Channel

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