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Freya Project - Fantasy World

Date Added: 2022-04-11 10:42:41 Language: English
Website: Platform: L2j
Status: Live
Server rates
EXP: 500 SP: 500 DROP: 1
ADENA: 1 Safe enchant: 3 Max enchant: 15
Good to know
GM shop: No NPC buffer: No Global GK: No
Custom zone: No Custom weapon: No Custom armor: No
Offline shop: No Other: No
Server Description

Sophisticated game concept aimed at long-term play Max character level - 87 Bonus to base stats for leveling 84-87 levels (STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIT/MEN) 2 Farm Zones 2 Instance Zones with "live" monsters (Solo and Party Dungeons) Increased buff slots: 60 slots + 18 song/dance slots Increased Prophet class buff time (PP) - 1 hour Buff duration - 1 hour Simplified certification of sub-classes, sub-class - no quest Convenient ALT + B panel with great functionality - from teleports and shops to all kinds of services GM Shop with all necessary items. From consumables to top ammunition Level of created clans - 5 Sharpening S-armor - max: +15, chance: 67% Sharpening S-weapon - max: +17, chance: 95->30% Elements of elements (attributes): one item - one element

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